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The "Best Cosme" award acknowledges products that garner substantial support from a plethora of cosmetics, as endorsed by beauticians and beauty magazine readers. We express our gratitude for your patronage and are delighted to introduce a selection of these distinguished products.

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ar December Issue
Skincare ☆ Best Cosmetics: #3 in the makeup remover rankings

Appeared in WWD JAPAN on December 10
WWDJAPAN 2021 2H Best Cosmetics (Drugstore/variety store/e-commerce section): Overall #1 in makeup removers/face washes

up PLUS January Issue
BEST COSME AWARD 2021: #1 in the makeup remover category

Bijin Hyakka January Issue
Bijin Hyakka Best Cosmetics 2021 2H Chosen by 3,000 Readers with a Realistic Perspective! Luxury Cosmetics KING & Drugstore Cosmetics QUEEN!!
Skincare Section: #1 in the makeup remover category

InRed January Issue
Best Cosmetics Awards 2021—The Best Cosmetics of 2021 to Accompany Us in Our Daily Lives: #2 in products for pores chosen by beauty experts

Biteki February Issue
Chosen from Newly Released Items! Skincare Rookie Rankings 2021: #1 rookie makeup remover

&ROSY February Issue
These Products Are Getting a Lot of Love Right Now! Everyone's Best Cosmetics 2021: #1 in the makeup remover category

GLOW February Issue
Announcing the "Glowing Skin Producer" Cosmetics of 2021, Chosen by 469 GLOW Readers!: #1 makeup remover/face wash

Oggi February Issue
Oggi Best Cosmetics 2021 Announcing the #1 Cosmetics among Working Women!: #3 in new products for pores chosen by beauty experts

smart February Issue
smart Best Cosmetics Awards!: #4 in the face wash category

City Living September 24 Issue
Home Time Beauty Products Ranking (Moisturizing section): #2 in the makeup remover category





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